»Boat Ahoy« 3D Illustration
A fun little project I did some time ago as a print for my buddy Robokid's birthday. It features his boat - the mighty »Pif Paf« in a stylized, watery 3D environment. Due to the limited amount of time and only 2 crooked photos as reference material I wanted to keep everything simple and clean.
The boat was modeled in Cinema 4D consisting of a mostly lowpoly base shape spiced up with some finer details. Shading, lighting and rendering was done in Octane using it's path tracing method to get nice caustics, which were a must-have for anything with water and boats :)
Since I needed a quick solution for the water surface and didn't want to rely on simple noise displacement I gave the amazing HOT4D Plugin for C4D a try. It's super easy to use and still for free. The shader is a simple octane water shader without focus on physical accuracy - It just needed to look nice and wet. The foam and splashes for the final illustration were just painted on top afterwards in Photoshop.
And a detail shot of the boat on the workbench - with and without materials. Due to the lack of reference pictures and the perspective of the final illustration the backside of the boat didn't get more love ^^
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