In August 2012 we started collaborating with the IASS (=Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies) in Potsdam to create a film that generates awareness for one of the topics the institute deals with: Soil.

What might sound boring at first glance is actually really exciting. The film has hero worms, scarecrows, pigs and cows, harvesters, sandstorms, evil supermarket pumps, a (not really) lowpoly Berlin, a second earth and many more stuff from the world of soil. After 3,5 months of work, the film premiered on November 19th in Berlin at the Global Soil Week, a conference, where ‘stakeholders from science, government, business and civil society will come together to share their land and soil-related experience and expertise, and to develop future plans of action for sustainable land/soil management and governance.‘
Direction, Concept, Modelling, Design, Animation Uli Streckenbach
Modelling, Design, Animation Ronny Schmidt
Music, Sound Design Marcus Illgenstein
Character Rigging Maik Lochmann
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