Pitch Styleframes
Two styleframes I did in 2013 for a TVC-pitch at Sehsucht Berlin. The setting was built around a car accident and the resulting pursuit. The agency was aiming for a lowpoly look, which we wanted to enhance with some nice real-light shading. All models were built in C4D and rendering was done with the realtime/GPU renderer Octane, which was a great tool for setting lights and adjusting shaders. 
Some minor compositing/overpainting was done in Photoshop.
Final version.

Production: Sehsucht GmbH, Berlin
Direction: Mate Steinforth
Lead Artist: Helge Kiehl
2D/3D Artists: Helen Hyung Choi, Dominic Eise, Remo Gambacciani, Mette Ilene Holmriis,
Alexander Walker, David Weidemann, Christian Zschunke
Styleframes: Mate Steinforth, Ronny Schmidt
Producers: Lars Wagner, Christina Geller
Music: Von Sallwitz Sound Architecture
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