Red Bull Music's exclusive content campaign designed by Colors And The Kids highlights 20 biggest moments from Red Bull’s year in music.

Check out the campaign online:

Reflecting on the past months, the idea was to capture the beauty of the 20 biggest moments from Red Bull’s year in music through abstract visual representations. We developed the visual language for the campaign and created a set of 20 bespoke animations and stills for each moment. 
Client — Red Bull Music
Concept — A Color Bright and CATK 
Creative Direction, Design and Production — CATK
Animation — CATK, Ronny Schmidt and Dominik Grejc
Web experience video by A Color Bright

Sound Design and Music
Moment 001 & 020 — Ines Graf
Moment 007 — MAIN
Moment 011 & 018 — CATK
Best Of Reel – MAIN
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