Rosch – Showreel 2012

Lean back, fasten your seat belts and enjoy a 45 second edit of the latest projects I've been involved in. The reel consists of commercial and personal/university projects as well. Most of the commercial projects were created at SESHUCHT Berlin. My role in most of the projects was in the fields of design, 3D modelling and animation and 2D animation.

I'm looking forward to future collaborations!

Music: »The Bloody Beetroots - Ezekiel eats Red Hoodie«


00:02 RED BULL BC ONE – design, styleframe, 3D modeling, animation
00:04 VORWERK – 3D modeling (houses), building animation
00:07 CHRONOS – idea, design, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering (environments)
00:10 PICTOPLASMA – 3D modeling (vehicles, train, environent details)
00:12 DETEKTOR.FM – idea, design, 2D Animation
00:14 DETEKTOR – idea, design, 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing
00:16 PICTOPLASMA – 3D modeling
00:17 TRIPOD – idea, design, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering, compositing
00:18 VORWERK – design, 3D modeling (houses, cathedral), 3D building animation
00:21 MTV GROUPHUG – 3D modeling and animation of grass/blossoms, secondary 2D animations
00:23 BBQ ILLU – idea, 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing, 2D overpaint
00:25 RED BULL BC ONE – design (environment), styleframe, 3D modeling
00:29 VORWERK – 3D modeling (houses)
00:29 A TYPEFACE – idea, storyboard, styleframes, 3D modeling, 3D animation
00:30 PAPPE SATT – idea, set design, set construction, direction, camera
00:31 MISERIOR – 2D stopmotion animation
00:33 VORWERK – 3D modeling (crane/robot), 3D animation, 2D secondary animation (lights)
00:34 VORWERK – design (vehicles, construction site, billboard-screens), 3D modeling (vehicles, cranes, construction site), 2D animation (news-screen)
00:38 RED BULL BC ONE – design (arena) styleframe, 3D secondary animations
00:40 MTV GROUPHUG – 3D modeling/fur (red character), 3D/2D animation of blossoms/particles
00:42 RED BULL BC ONE – design, 3D modeling/texturing (trophy)
00:43 RED BULL BC ONE – design/styleframe (environments, trophy), 3D modeling (environme
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